The Role of a Man

This is the show from Thursday August 22nd, 2013

If you go back thousands of years to the time of Abraham and Lot, the Bible mentions these 5 cities of the plain. And atheist anthropologists have uncovered an ancient scroll referring to these 5 cities of the plain. And it just shocked the archaeologists because they don’t like it when their discoveries reaffirm the Bible.
How wrong do you have to be about the Communists who slaughtered 20 million human beings - men, women and children - and you have made the 1 guy warning the world (Senator Joseph McCarthy) into the villain - the enemy? How wrong do you have to be on that before you are culpable, before you are part of the problem, before God looks at your heart and says, “You know what? This person doesn’t really care when the innocent are slaughtered. They care more about political correctness and being accepted by those who hate Me.”

Men of God: Bob presents six Biblical men as role models for a Christian man today.