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Real Science Radio: Astronomer Danny Faulkner on the 360-Day Year

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  • Real Science Radio: Astronomer Danny Faulkner on the 360-Day Year

    Astronomer Danny Faulkner on the 360-Day Year

    This is the show from Friday June 28th, 2013


    * Different Sides of the 360/365 Day Question: Hear Real Science Radio's Bob Enyart interview Dr. Faulkner. The long-time University of South Carolina Astronomer Danny Faulkner is now full time with Ken Ham's ministry, Answers in Genesis at the Creation Museum (near Cincinnati). With a Ph.D. in astronomy from Indiana University Dr. Faulkner, is also a board member of the Creation Research Society.

    * Was the Year Once 360 Days Long? In his recent CRSQ paper, Danny argues against the widespread belief among many creationists (including Henry Morris and Walt Brown) that God originally created the Earth with a 360-day year and 30-day months. Enyart offers to Dr. Faulkner evidence to counter his dismissal of the idea and the two agree to evaluate additional original source material from ancient civilizations and to do a follow up program on the matter.

    For this program RSR recommends The Young Sun
    DVD with Danny Faulkner and other great astronomers!

    * What Makes the Near Side of the Moon Heavier? We all know that the reason the near side of the Moon is the near side is because it is heavier than the far side. But why is it heavier? On today's program, Bob Enyart shares with Dr. Faulkner NASA's most recent gravity mapping of the Moon which on the surface seems to provide evidence that is consistent with the Hydroplate Theory's explanation for why the near side of the Moon is so much heavier (having greater mass concentration) than the far side.

    Today’s Resource
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    WARNING: Graphic video here.