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See the Future - Pats Sign Tebow!

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  • See the Future - Pats Sign Tebow!

    See the Future - Pats Sign Tebow!

    This is the show from Monday June 10th, 2013


    * Pats Sign Tebow! Bob is offering $500 for a ticket to a game where Tebow is scheduled to play, and Doug McBurney is offering $1000 to be present when Tebow meets Rob Gronkowski for the first time face to face!

    * Pot Kills in Philly: A construction worker in Philly was found to have pot and painkillers in his system after he was involved in an accident that killed 6 people. So Bob asks that people that say “pot never killed anybody” add this incident to their equation before they speak. And try this: Google what does the Bible say about pot and see if our article at is on the first page!

    * Bilderberg Parking Controversy: Forget the fact that the leaders of the fallen world have converged, (rather publicly this year) upon Whatford, U.K. to discus their various anti-family, anti-freedom, godless agendas. They defied the city council by parking on the grass! And that shall not be tolerated!

    * Reason 691: To keep, (or get) your kids out of the government schools. Is revealed as Bob and Doug discuss the latest form of sexual immorality on display there: prostitution! And Bob reminds us that we really only need to look at reason number one: Godlessness!

    * And Did We Mention: that the New England Patriots signed Tim Tebow? Check out Tim’s on and off field records at, by simply searching “Tim Tebow records”!
    WARNING: Graphic video here.