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Microbiologist Dr. Clem Persaud on COVID Vaccines

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  • Microbiologist Dr. Clem Persaud on COVID Vaccines

    Microbiologist Dr. Clem Persaud on COVID Vaccines

    This is the show from Friday, October 2nd, 2020


    Quantum Pt. 4: Lord-willing, next week

    Bob and Fred will complete their series

    on quantum mechanics.

    Real Science Radio interviews Dr. Clement Persaud, Professor of Medical Microbiology and Biotechnology for 23 years at Canadore College in Northern Ontario. An expert in cloning and embryo-research legislation, Dr. Persaud focuses on bioethical issues. Today we discuss the COVID-19 vaccines including that Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, and other pharmaceutical firms are producing vaccines using aborted fetal tissue. Agreeing with Dr. Persaud We need to fight to stop that moral horror. (At Bob Enyart Live we do have some success in such matters, as when we helped force Pepsi to stop using aborted embryonic tissue in their recipe and shocking taste research, literally using fetal taste-bud cellls. See Other COVID vaccines, as mentioned today and at, are being developed without harvested parts of unborn babies including the one from NOVAX. Bob and Dr. Persaud also discuss vaccine prioritization, human challenges (i.e., further testing by intentionally infecting those vaccinated), and what happens to the vaccines when, as expected, SARS-CoV-2 mutates. Related: See also Bob's article at
    WARNING: Graphic video here.