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Now, REALLY pray for Trump! And about COTMH...

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  • Now, REALLY pray for Trump! And about COTMH...

    Now, REALLY pray for Trump! And about COTMH...

    This is the show from Monday, September 14th, 2020


    Not Gotham. COTMH. First, Bob airs 27 seconds of audio from Donald Trump that we have atop our page. Time to up the fervor of our prayers. Then Bob addresses an angry commenter at our YouTube channel, a guy who goes by the awesome username "Child of the most high". Here's what his comment says, "There's ONE gospel. Only ONE. Anyone who says different is lying and without God. And may God have mercy on that person's rotten soul." Ouch. (Glad he's on our side. I think. Bob responds on today's program, in the YouTube comments, and at .

    Today's Resource: Bob Enyart's Life's Work - The Plot

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    WARNING: Graphic video here.

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