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Dr. Gary Parker on Real Science Radio Pt. 2

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  • Dr. Gary Parker on Real Science Radio Pt. 2

    Dr. Gary Parker on RSR Pt. 2 This is the show from Friday, November 22nd, 2019


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    Real Science Radio host Bob Enyart concludes his interview (see Part 1) with creation science legend Dr. Gary Parker. Bob's co-host Fred Williams many years ago came to reject the theory of evolution by reading What is Creation Science? by Dr. Parker and Dr. Henry Morris. A former atheist, Gary was a member of the American Society of Zoologists and a recipient of a National Science Foundation fellowship award. Also, while he was an evolutionist Dr. Parker co-authored one of the first DNA books ever written, the 1966 DNA: The Key to Life but by the writing of the 2nd Edition of 1977, he had become a creationist and realized what should have been obvious in the first edition, the brilliant and majestic design of the genome. One of his later books, Creation: Facts of Life, is subtitled How Real Science Reveals the Hand of God. We hope you enjoy this walk down the creation science memory lane with one of the greats!

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    WARNING: Graphic video here.