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Brannon Howse on David Barton & Glenn Beck

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  • Brannon Howse on David Barton & Glenn Beck

    Brannon Howse on David Barton & Glenn Beck

    This is the show from Wednesday August 31st 2011.


    * Weekly Worldview Host on Bob Enyart Live: Bob and Brannon Howse discuss David Barton's failure to distinguish between Christian and cultic, as when the popular author describes Mormon Glenn Beck as a Christian. Formerly, Barton led people to believe that Thomas Jefferson was a Chrsitian. Bob and Brannon briefly touch on a few of the Mormon heresies, including:

    - Elevating the writings of men to the status of the Holy Bible
    - The Book of Mormon's fundamental historical claim, which is
    demonstrably false by history, archaeology, and now irrefragably falsified by genetic science, that American Indians are Jews
    - Denigrating the Trinity by not openly rejecting the traditional LDS
    teaching that God the Father was once a man (see Time Mag SFGate).

    * Ann Coulter Too Wrongly Claims that Mormon Romney is Christian: In this great Ann Coulter Hang-ups YouTube video, Ann Coulter makes the same error that David Barton makes, and claims that unrepentant Mormon Mitt Romney is a Christian.

    Today’s Resource: Have you browsed through the Department of Government in the KGOV Store? Check out especially our best-selling DVD on God and the Death Penalty titled The New Testament Support for Capital Punishment, and God's Criminal Justice System MP3 CD, instant download, or the GCJS printed syllabus.
    WARNING: Graphic video here.

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    Well, Barton's been lying for years...and hanging up on someone doesn't make them right. Ask any telemarketer.