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  • BEL Earthquake Warning Policy Alert

    BEL Earthquake Warning Policy Alert

    This is the show from Tuesday August 23rd, 2011.


    * Today's 5.8 Earthquake in Virginia Assessed: Today's Virginia earthquake was felt from Atlanta to Chicago to Toronto, Canada with noticeable shaking in the concrete jungle of Manhattan Island and in Boston. The White House and Pentagon were evacuated and two nuclear reactors were taken off line. But no, the Washington Monument is not titling, and Megyn Kelly of Fox News has egg on her face for that one. But of course, this earthquake reminds us of the importance of the BEL Earthquake Warning Policy, presented below!

    * Three Year Anniversary for the World's Largest Protest Sign: Check it out!

    * Crime at the 49ers Game: If I can quote myself says Bob, “It’s no longer a justice system, now it’s just a system.” Crime is epidemic because our criminal justice system is not “the best system in the world,” which all of our attorneys tell us (by which they mean that we have the highest paid lawyers in the world). With some of the world’s highest rates for violent crime, sexual crime, and incarceration, the RESULTS indicate that the U.S. has one of the worst systems in the world. Thus since our justice system provides insufficient deterrence, private companies are pushed into absurd responses, like banning tailgate parties.

    * BEL Earthquake Warning Policy: In 2004 two of the four participants in an Age of the Earth Debate who faced off were Bob Enyart and John Nicholl, the former president of EEGS, Environmental and Engineering Geophysical Society. After the debate, Nicholl asked Enyart, if the earth really were young, and had recently experienced a global flood, that would mean that geologists should give governments greater warnings about earthquake risks, so do you think we should do that? Bob answered yes, governments should be warned of earthquake risks greater than that predicted by old-earth assumptions.

    Since that debate on Feb. 28, 2004 the world has not only seen the recent quakes that made the headlines like in Italy and Haiti, but four of the top ten most powerful quakes in the last 100 years have hit since that recent debate:
    - 2004-12-26 Mag. 9.1 Off Coast of Sumatra
    - 2005-3-28 Mag. 8.6 Northern Sumatra
    - 2007-9-12 Mag. 8.5 Southern Sumatra
    - 2011-3-11 Mag. 9.0 Off Coast of Japan

    Since 9-11, when the terrible casualty count was about 3,000 dead from terrorism, governments have spent more than a trillion dollars attempting to minimize the risk of further such deaths. In contrast, the quake deaths in the few years since our debate stand at 637,000, dead, from earthquakes (462,000 through 2009 plus the estimated 150,000 in the Port-au-Prince area and 25,000 Japanese casualties). That's nearly 100,000 deaths per year.

    Confidence in geological risk assessment is underserved unless the geologist can account for major features of the earth's crustal history, as discussed above, including by explaining:
    - Why are there 40,000 volcanoes in the Pacific rather than in the Atlantic?
    - Why are so many ocean trenches in the Pacific and not in the Atlantic?
    - Why does the center of the Pacific trenches lie opposite of the Mid-Atlantic ridge?
    - Why are there so many earthquakes away from plate boundaries?

    Because of the assumption that everything is billions of years old, scientists are astonished to see so many transient occurrences in our galaxy, in our solar system, in Saturn, in the moon, and on the Earth. A thousand times over young-earth creationism is consistent with scientific observations, whereas those observations surprise old-earthers because they would never have predicted such occurrences.

    Over the last 20 years, BEL has had accurate predictions regarding the spread of HIV in America, recognition of abortion as a risk factor for breast cancer, that global warming is a fabricated crisis, etc. Now, it turns out that BEL's Earthquake Warning Policy for governments is spot on also. Hopefully geologists will see the evidence constantly amassed by young-earth creationists and will allow enough doubt to be created to give them open minds. Just a few examples from our RSF's List of Not So Old Things:
    - Soft-tissue dinosaurs seemingly EVERYWHERE
    - Carbon 14 EVERYWHERE it's not supposed to be; etc.
    - Super Nova Remnants NOWHERE!
    - Fossils containing proteins, DNA and even living bacteria!
    - ETC., Etc., etc...

    If such doubt is created in the minds of geologists, then they will answer geophysicist John Nicholl's question correctly: Yes, we should warn governments of earthquake risks greater than conventional wisdom assumes as predicted by old-earth assumptions.

    * Other Fun Earthquake Topics: (for answers, see

    - Why did ancient cultures use a 360-day calendar?
    - Why did early mathematicians divide a circle into 360 degrees?
    - Why are there so many earthquakes away from plate boundaries?
    - Why are there 40,000 volcanoes in the Pacific rather than in the Atlantic?
    - Why are so many ocean trenches in the Pacific and not in the Atlantic?
    - Why does the center of the Pacific trenches lie opposite of the Mid-Atlantic ridge?
    - Why is there so much liquid rock in the earth?
    - Why did the Earth's rotation speed up from 360 to 365 days per year?
    - Why does the hard data from GPS stations show that the crust does not move as predicted by plate tectonics?

    Today’s Resource: You can get Focus on the Strategy 3 as well as Focus on the Strategy 1 2 DVD combo containing the blockbuster analysis of pro-life and political strategy. Focus on the Strategy, advertised by other ministries as the DVD of the Century, is the blockbuster analysis of Christian political strategy, filmed before a live audience of 300 Christian activists in which Bob Enyart reveals the presentation he gave at Focus on the Family to Tom Minnery, VP of Public Policy for Dr. James Dobson. And the sequel, film festival finalist Focus on the Strategy II, with its dozens of video and audio clips which has extraordinary endorsements from many Christian leaders as the must see video for everyone who wants to end 'legalized' abortion. Now, Focus 3 presents the three-pronged strategy of how to end abortion! Please watch these vitally important DVDs and consider getting a set for a friend!
    WARNING: Graphic video here.

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    I listened to this show, and I don't get the earthquake prediction thing. Now I have not listened to the debate with Nicholl, but it seems to me that the old Earth prediction would be that we have a fairly even distribution of earthquakes each decade.

    On the other hand, if the Earth is only 6000 years old, and earthquakes are the result of leftover instability from when it was formed (which is what I think Bob was saying), then 100 years ago, the Earth would have been significantly younger than it is now, and therefore you'd expect more earthquakes then than now. The stats that in the last decade we saw statistically more stronger quakes, would seem to argue against Pastor Bob's position.

    And what's with those questions at the end? Like "Why did the Earth's rotation speed up from 360 to 365 days per year?"

    I gotta know - does Pastor Bob think that the year was only 360 days long back when the Babylonians were the most advanced civilization? And that it's slowed down to a 365-day year? And those questions about the volcanoes, trenches, and plate tectonics - what's he getting at? I have not gone back to listen to that old episode - can someone summarize it?

    ETA: and if it went from a 360-day revolution to a 365-day year, that would be slowing down, not speeding up!

    ETA2: Wait, I guess he's not saying that the speed of the Earth's rotation around the Sun slowed down, he's saying it's rotating on its axis faster so it makes more rotations in a year that's the same length. So nevermind about that, but I still want to know if he thinks it was rotating faster 3000 years ago.
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      I know what he's talking about.
      Where is the evidence for a global flood?
      "the best maths don't need no stinkin' numbers"

      "The waters under the 'expanse' were under the crust."
      -Bob B.