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Leslie Hanks, Jo Scott & Eve Silver

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  • Leslie Hanks, Jo Scott & Eve Silver

    Leslie Hanks, Jo Scott & Eve Silver

    This is the show from Tuesday April 20th, 2010.

    [The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation] always claims, "Well, we have to give these grants [to Planned Parenthood] because Planned Parenthood is the only operation that can do these breast screenings." And so Jill Stanek brings up in her last article, "Even if that's the truth, is it morally permissible to cause breast cancer in one room while screening for it in the next?"

    * In Support of Bob Enyart Live: Leslie Hanks, vice president of Colorado Right To Life and Co-sponsor of Colorado's Personhood Amendment 62, and Jo Scott of Pro-life Colorado interview former Komen Race for the Cure Latina advisor, Eve Sanchez Silver. Silver spoke about the link between abortion and breast cancer, and the increasing collaboration between the Planned Parenthood abortion chain and Susan G Komen Foundation in their co-ownership of the Peoria, Illinois Metro Centre Mall.

    * Eve Thanked Bob Enyart: who was not on today's show, for his ongoing efforts to share the truth with women about the conclusive abortion-breast caner risk factor, also know as the ABC Link. Eve mentioned Bob's help in getting this vital truth to women as far back as 2004 and she so appreciates that he is the lone voice in the media equipping women to protect their health from those who would exploit them for profit. If you have family members and friends who participate in the Komen Race for the Cure, please send them this stunning CRTL Press Release and ask them listen to today's informative broadcast to get the latest information about the dangerous connection between Planned Parenthood and the Race for the Cure.

    For more vital information see and Jill Stanek's World Net Daily article on Eric Brinker's partnership with Planned Parenthood.

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    WARNING: Graphic video here.