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List of Not-So-Old Ancient Things

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  • List of Not-So-Old Ancient Things

    List of Not-So-Old Ancient Things

    This is the show from Friday November 7th, 2008.


    * Geological Time Dilation: Time speeds up when evidence approaches the light of day. Real Science Friday hosts, CRS webmaster Fred Williams and Bob Enyart, report on geological features that many atheistic old-earth geologists no longer claim took millions of years to form. Now, it turns out that European and Asiatic honeybees, though they've supposedly been separated by seven million years, can still communicate through dance! Also:

    * Heart Mountain Detachment near Yellowstone, didn't take millions of years, but 30 minutes!
    * Scablands in the state of Washington formed rapidly in floods per NOVA's TV show
    * Yellowstone Petrified Tree Strata: Nat'l Park Service took down the deceptive sign that claimed successive forests since there were no root systems (see AIG)
    * Carlsbad Cavern: New Mexico, Nat'l Park Service took down the sign claiming formation took millions of year (audio tour "rate of formation depends on the amount of available water")
    * Lihir Gold Deposit: in Papua New Guinea, which evolutionists assumed took millions of years to form, but which geologists now have evidence could have formed in thousands of years, or far more quickly!
    * Box Canyon, Idaho: this is left as an exercise for the student! Do the research, it's fun!

    "Fossils" that challenge million-year ages:
    * Soft tissue in a T-rex thighbone
    that remained supple for 65 million years: see startling photos!
    * Jellyfish fossils in seven layers deposited supposedly over eons in the Midwest! Too cool!
    * Manganese nodules formed "around beer cans" disproving million-year requirement

    * Real Science Friday Co-Hosts: Bob Enyart and creation speaker and software engineer Fred Williams discuss articles from's Sept. - Nov. 2008 Creation magazine. Fred is also webmaster for the esteemed Creation Research Society.
    WARNING: Graphic video here.

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    This a related tangent. I was watching something and they were talking about the genetic bottleneck that happened 75,000 years ago. They describe the side effects of the flood in absolute terms. Our heritage all to one person, and the same with all the animals on the planet. And they wonder where did the missing genes go.

    The speculation is a volcano 75,000 years ago must have caused it. All animals share common genes. All humas share common genes, froma single cataclysmic event. But they won't owe up to what caused it. Waiting for jokia to explain it...
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