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The Conclusion to Megan's Call

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  • The Conclusion to Megan's Call

    The Conclusion to Megan's Call

    This is the show from Friday June 27th, 2008.


    Bob Enyart - You've heard of little Rosa Anne?

    Megan - No.

    Bob Enyart - Her mom went for an abortion in New York and the abortionist didn't quite get the job done. And she was born without an arm. The abortionist did manage to rip her arm off. But she survived. Do you think that was cruel of them to do that to her?

    Megan - I think it was cruel that they didn't complete the procedure, not only for the child but for the mother.

    Bob Enyart - Do you know what Rosa Anne would say to you right now?

    Megan - What would Rosa Anne say to me right now?

    Bob Enyart - You selfish, miserable, evil woman.

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    WARNING: Graphic video here.

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    Ana Rosa Rodriguez
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      Is Megan the one that called back a few months or years later and repented?

      I might have a different caller in mind, but I thought that it was her.