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Nori's POTD 6-28-07

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  • Nori's POTD 6-28-07

    Here it is!

    Originally posted by Ktoyou
    It seems to me that one major change occurring in our country is the worship of doctors, particularly physicians. These special persons are above any standards other must adhere to, they cannot be reproached for their punctuality and they lack any real consideration for anyone's opinion other than another physician's. The same is true among academics, they have always lived in a plastic bubble populated by young people who are willing to be subservient and they act as if their ideas are not questionable.

    One thing I have noticed, and heads up here! Is the socialist tendency for all employees to use only their first name and to demand anyone talking to then to settle for being called by their first name in return. This is the first step towards serfdom; one loses the dignity of being properly referred to as Mr., Mrs. and Ms. followed by their last name. If you think this is trivial, think again, as changes takes place in very small steps and while one becomes immune to equalitarianism, one loses the right to individualism. For some, but not for all and so it continues, one loses dignity and later, becomes unaware of the loss, this leads to a dictatorship of virtue by an elect of professionals who have the right to dignity, and only they have this right.

    The elect class of professionals and their dupes, the paraprofessionals, soon become the 'new gods' of the secular theocracy and soon choose what ones does and eventually, what one thinks.
    You're right, Ktoyou! Making everybody equal is taking away one thing that I haven't seen in ages: respect.
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    Originally posted by ebenz47037 View Post
    Here it is!

    You're right, Ktoyou! Making everybody equal is taking away one thing that I haven't seen in ages: respect.
    You are correct. People who go for this form of egalitarianism think it elevates them to the higher level of respect due to the elder, supervisor, boss, whatever. What it actually does is lower the level of respect to that of the child, subordinate, whatever.