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    Originally posted by PastorKevin
    Well obviously I think that we can all agree that little babies don't experience sexuality necessarily. They are too small to understand the concept. At what age do we begin to experience sexuality? That is a question that is not really able to be quantified by a certain age. The unfortunate reality of our wicked culture is that many small children are exposed to things at a young age that they should not be exposed to. This can radically affect how they express their sexuality later on down the line when they get older. I am deliberately trying to keep from being graphic for the benefit of younger audiences and ladies who might read this, so forgive me if I seem to be speaking generalities.

    Basically in my experiences dealing with homosexuals and Christians who have been delivered out of that lifestyle, and in the research and study that I have done on the topic, I find that an extremely high majority of those with same sex attractions have been molested in childhood, or often exposed to porn and other such things in their childhood. I have counseled with several people who were molested in childhood by a parent or sibling. This often leads to one of two results: same sex attractions or complete revulsion for sex altogether. For boys, another predominant cause is a lack of love and affection from their father. There are many factors that go into it, but those are just some of them.

    The Bible says homosexuality is against nature. That means it is not natural. Strike one. It says God views it as "vile passions". That means that God would never have made people to be born that way. That is two strikes against it. Further, God says it is an "abomination". That makes strike three. (And we could go and add more strikes)

    To sum up my position:

    If a child grows up in a completely normal and stable environment (with a loving mom AND a loving dad) and is not exposed to any sexuality until they reach that certain age (whatever it might be that they begin expressing their sexuality), then the chances of that person becoming a homosexual are astronomically reduced (because they aren't made that way).

    Further if the laws were brought back that have existed against homosexuality in the past, then you would also greatly reduce the chances of people becoming homosexual.

    But here is the wildcard in the whole matter: People are still sinful, and people still have free will, and as such there is always the chance that someone would do something completely against nature and that they know they shouldn't do. But without all of the influences I mentioned (and many others), the chances of it happening would be so greatly reduced that homosexuality would be unheard of and shocking when someone heard of it.

    God bless.
    They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount up with wings as eagles. -- Isaiah 40:31

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    Thanks Nori!