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Knight's POTD 03-29-2007

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  • Knight's POTD 03-29-2007

    This post kills me!
    Originally posted by zoo22
    I've actually made quite a lot of progress, and I've taken the experiment to a new level: I am currently conducting experiments on whether I can spontaneously form life in my mouth using a peanut butter sandwich combined with the energy from my chewing jaw (seems like a no-brainer).

    I'll have better analysis shortly, but essentially what happened is this: I spontaneously created an appetite simply by staring at that jar of peanut butter waiting for life to form!

    So moving forward with those exciting results, I made a peanut butter (and *possibly* cellular lifeform) sandwich and am conducting this new experiment, which I must say is going deliciously.

    I plan on introducing bananas to the equation soon.

    Just so you all know, this peanut butter jar life genesis experiment has so far, been very eye-opening. And I want to share that the strange, unforseen turns that science can take, the amazing journey to the point of discovery... Is truly incredible. And edible.


    Zoo.... I love your wit!
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    Well done.


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      Originally posted by kmoney
      Well done.

      I guess sometimes we need a good

      Lest we take ourselves *too* seriously.

      Thanks Knight!


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        Absolutely hilarious zoo22.

        I thought I might petition my 95 Open Verses post would get POTD, but I had the misfortune of posting on the same day as you.
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