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  • Poly's pick 8-11-16

    Originally posted by 6days
    Originally posted by gcthomas View Post
    So you found a social science book that mentions piltdown man alongside others, to place them in context. You claimed that Piltdown was used as evidence for evolution, but evolution doesn't seem to have been mentioned here. And it's not even A SCIENCE textbook.
    You are too predictable GC. As others mentioned you attempt to move goal posts while defending fraud and trying to whitewash history. So perhaps we need to once again review your challenge.... then see how the fraud was eagerly accepted and even taught in textbooks as fact. Not only was the fraud believed, but evolutionists then invented complete histories.
    Piltdown was taught as fact in science journals....the media.....biology textbooks and more.

    GCTHOMAS CHALLENGE: "Please name a text book (That taught Piltdown was real)that was in common use. Or even a textbook that was actually in use in schools"

    How about we start with your forgetfulness... Here is an image YOU previously posted from...
    College Zoology by George William Hunter, Francis Robert Hunter
    1949 - W. B. Saunders Company page 704

    An Orientation in Science 1938 (Here we see invented ages and invented relatives)
    By Pub. McGraw Hill Book Company, Inc.
    P-355...“...500,000 B.C. Second glaciation (Kansan) 600,000 B.C. First interglacial Chellean Heidelberg Piltdown Peking Java 900,000 B.C. First glaciation (Nebraskan) Pre Chellean 1,000,000 B.C. Eolithic...”
    And page 359“...with the bones. He is related to the Piltdown Man (Eoanthropus), next...”

    The Evolution of Human Behavior In this book
    Contributors: Carl J. Warden1932 Pub. The Macmillan Company
    Page 122
    “...that of Pithecanthropus. The brain of Piltdown man was better developed than that of...”
    (Sounds sciency! Man is evolving a bigger brain!! )

    Elementary Biology
    by Benjamin C. Gruenberg
    Pub. Ginn & Company*
    Page 494

    Elements of Biology
    by Ruth A. Dodge
    1952 (revision of Smallwood’s Elements of Biology under copyright heading Biology for High Schools)
    Pub. Allyn and Bacon
    Page 256, 257
    (Same images as in Elementary Biology from 33 years earlier)

    Challenge accepted.

    Proof given.

    'Nuff said.
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    6Days is pretty sharp


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      Excellent post!

      June is Gay Pride Month.Tolerance and diversity? ☞ More like tolerate perversity.☠


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        We don't tell our children fairy tales so that they will know that monsters exist.
        They already know monsters exist.
        We tell our children fairy tales so that they will know that monsters can be killed.