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Sherman's Pick 11-11-2015

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  • Sherman's Pick 11-11-2015

    ok doser pulls out a gem. I suspected a jewel was in the making when he made that stumper of a remark of his.

    Originally posted by ok doser View Post
    Originally posted by Sherman View Post
    I am interested in reading your reasoning. I am not going to make any emotional responses.

    I do have my own theories as to how a rape culture was created. The woman individually may not be responsible, but the cancer of feminism and political correctness feeds into it. It has created an atmosphere of resentment and misogyny.
    Bingo – we have allowed the development of a culture that tells the young man that he is unnecessary to the woman – a culture where women can support themselves, where women can get pregnant without a man’s assistance (besides being a sperm donor) and where a woman can, with the blessings of our society, raise a child without a father in the child’s life. Further, a “culture” that is saturated with sex (often violent) on television, in the movies, in video games…And that doesn’t even begin to address the warping effect of pornography on the developing mind – porn of a nature that would have been unimaginable in my youth, available at the click of a button or the swipe of a finger to any child, of any age.

    And who is responsible?

    All of us – men and women alike – we have all allowed this perverse culture to develop, by refusing to stand against it and insist that those we elect to represent us actually pass moral legislation.

    Remember the Moral Majority?

    Remember Dan Quayle speaking out against Murphy Brown?

    He was ridiculed by the liberal press. And instead of rising up against them and letting them know how wrong they were, we all chuckled nervously and let them do it.

    June is Gay Pride Month.Tolerance and diversity? ☞ More like tolerate perversity.☠

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    Congrats, ok doser.

    We don't tell our children fairy tales so that they will know that monsters exist.
    They already know monsters exist.
    We tell our children fairy tales so that they will know that monsters can be killed.


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      The dose man can tear it up !


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        I agree with doser


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          Absolutely agree.
          God is not a thing in the world.

          If history has taught us anything, it's that science has always been wrong.

          I thank God for shotguns.


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            Rape culture?
            It's always been the way of man since the fall


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              Originally posted by intojoy View Post
              Rape culture?
              It's always been the way of man since the fall
              did adam rape eve?


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                Originally posted by ok doser View Post
                did adam rape eve?

                God said to Adam now give Eve a kiss.
                Adam asked what's that?
                God showed him. Adam comes back, that was great!
                God says now go make love to her.
                Adam asked what's that?
                God showed him.

                Adam comes back, God, what's a headache?


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                  Lon beat me:

                  Originally posted by Lon View Post
                  I provided links. You?

                  Gossip is a sin. Trying to make your erroneous impressions vocal as if they are fact is a sin. You are flat-out, sinning against God and His church. The Salvation Army is an evangelical institution. The foodbank I work at is evangelical. The rescue mission is evangelical....

                  After that, if you think that sharing Christ with a person isn't what is best for people, you are no Christian and should change your moniker.

                  This is hate. "Give me your food and $ but shut up because I don't want to hear your garbage and I don't respect you for saying something with the money and food I'm taking from you regardless." Bitter-much? You sound like a flamer.

                  I have a right to tell you that Jesus Christ changed my heart in such a way that it makes other people important, in hopes 1) that you will have the greatest thing and Person in your life that has happened in mine, and 2) so that you will understand why I out-give all others.

                  You are frankly, crazy, to think 'no-strings-attached' somehow removes the sacrifice of out-giving all others in our time, talents, and money. Flat out crazy... and a liar. You are making a blanket statement in bitterness that isn't true. I have never 'preached' at people at the foodbank. There is a devotion at the beginning but people that don't want to hear that come afterwards. They don't 'have' to stay and hear that. We are trying, however, to give them water that one would never thirst again. Again, you should REALLY re-think your 'christian (other)' description if you hate the beautiful saving message of Jesus Christ.

                  If I take care of only your immediate physical need and neglect your greater spiritual need, what's the point? It is BECAUSE we adamantly believe that a person's need is Jesus, that we confess Him before men. Matthew 10:33 If you keep it up, you are not going to make it Purex.