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Sherman's pick 08-01-2015

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  • Sherman's pick 08-01-2015

    Desert Reign couldn't have said it better.

    Originally posted by Desert Reign View Post
    Christianity is not about the next prediction. You are far out here. You are caught up in a time warp of 1970s cold-war, hippy-inspired preoccupation with end time prophesies of doom and gloom. Most of the hippies grew up and became stockbrokers, bankers, businessmen and politicians.

    Hal Lindsey became irrelevant when the 1980s did not produce the apocalyptic changes he predicted and when the so-called rapture did not happen by the year 2000. Rather the opposite: the world has become more stable and all the Christians are still here. And Israel was not the mere plaything of Christian fanatics but a real modern nation with real people and not more special than any other people. Your focus on them is unhealthy and is actually racist and highly condescending.

    Stop listening to this stuff and get round your disabled neighbour's house to help with the washing up or walk the dog. This is what God requires of you as a disciple and this is what God's kingdom looks like.

    June is Gay Pride Month.Tolerance and diversity? ☞ More like tolerate perversity.☠