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Dee Dee's pick 1/15/03

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  • Dee Dee's pick 1/15/03

    Originally posted by Yxboom
    Why is it that those on TOL who claim they are filled with the Holy Ghost and vessels used by God can't spell or exercise proper grammar? Not to mention creating new doctrines like demons converting to a man-made religion. Are these traits only Holy Ghost exclusives?

    Originally posted by c.moore
    Why are so many demons and satanist converting to Islam?

    First of all the reason why islam and radical muslims are killing innocent famiys and babies in Africa and in israel is because the spirit behind islam and muslims is a hate , revenge, and eye for an eye spirit, which include pride, and having power, even over God almighty if they could get the power.
    even in the last days the Anti Christ will say peace ,peace but the spirit behind the anti Christ like the muslim is hate , hate, kill, and destroy, and we have enough of there witness on 911.
    the demonic Islam try to say that these people who was involved in 911 was not muslims , but why did the Palistine and other islam nations celebrate the thousands of people who died, and started burning the american flag in the name of allah???????

    It really looks like Islam is still holding on to thier Arabic violent culture.
    Islam is for instance A prideful heroic battle word, not peace , but win in war.

    Islam is to kill destroy and steal, and that what muslims do, and that why I say demons, and satanist people who are doing satan A favor are joining islam cult, according too
    John:10:10: The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.

    Loook at what real muslim suppose to do in Sure 5:33-
    cut off feets hands and kick people out to die. and they have the nerve to say they are peaceful, loving people.
    that is a lie like a 9 dollar bill-

    When you do some study on the family fro mahhamed , and what his family believed , about the QURAYSH TRIBE you will see the god Islam have is not our God, and you will see the demonic root of islam and why demons are joining islam, and satan worshipers are those against Christ like these muslims.

    So green_world is correct about more demons re joining Islam, but I would rather stay on the narrow raod to heaven than on the broadway to hell.

    God of the bible and of the quran are not the same, and donĀ“T believe the lie that they are under different names,

    peace when you find Jesus Christ the SON of God.

    God bless you
    Evangelist c.moore