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Knight's pick 12-14-02

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  • Knight's pick 12-14-02

    Originally posted by Yxboom
    My father was anti-spanking and my mother used to hit out of anger all the time due to the fact that she was a little chinese woman with 3 very large boys. Brooms, tires, you name it. She had no control and they knew it. Often cops came to our home because there was just no other resolution.

    I became saved, learned God's way of rearing children and my family as a contrast on the other hand, my wife has never in any instance needed to lash out in anger. Spankings are administered by me and always in a calm manner where we have a few minutes in reflection and resolution for it not to be repeated. We have a minute in prayer and the spanking is then administered. In a few minutes following there are apologies reconcilition and forgiveness. Due to the manner in which we discipline our children are extremely cordial and are not brats to begin with therefore the need for a spanking is far and few in between and the need for lashing out illogical. It just doesn't happen. Therefore there is peace and love and the 20-30 minutes of broken fellowship in the process of discipline pays its dividends in the weeks, months and quite possibly years of love and unity.
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    You realize Jaltus is going to point out that I misspelled reconciliation