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Knight's pick 4-22-2011

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  • Knight's pick 4-22-2011

    On Romney the Barbarian nails it!

    Originally posted by The Barbarian
    The problem isn't his Mormon convictions. It's is lack of convictions about anything else except that he deserves to be president.

    He out-Obamaed Obama in Massachusetts, and now he wants to be seen as a tea party guy.

    Abortion is all over the map, depending on where he is and who he's talking to.

    The last republican president who wasn't an abject failure was Reagan. He was wrong about a lot. He made a lot of mistakes. But at least he believed in something. Do republicans want to win so badly, they don't care about principle?

    Maybe so. But that does tend to rise up and bite a candidate, if he's flipped repreatedly.
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