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Knight's pick 3-03-2011

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  • Knight's pick 3-03-2011

    Great commentary on abortion regulation by Poly.
    Originally posted by Poly View Post
    Originally posted by JoeyArnold View Post
    If this new legislation means better reeducation (education).....
    The only education this law would give would be to inform people that as long as you just wait a few days, it will be perfectly legal for you to murder babies. It will also educate so called pro-lifers how to pat themselves on the back for supporting something they mistakenly think is some kind of accomplishment because it "seems pro-life-like" as you mention here...

    since it seems pro-life-like or pro-decision-like:

    Then I am somewhat in favor for it.
    And there's where the deception comes in. It seems pro-life "like" but it's pro-decision-like death.
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    Sweet and to the point.

    June is Gay Pride Month.Tolerance and diversity? ☞ More like tolerate perversity.☠