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Knight's pick 3-01-2011

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  • Knight's pick 3-01-2011

    ghost agrees with Inzl Kett regarding the wackiness of Calvinism. Great description by ghost!
    Originally posted by ghost
    Originally posted by Inzl Kett
    You just illustrated why I am not a Calvinist. I cannot wrap my mind around this kind of thinking.
    First, you have deny that the Gospel is the power of God unto salvation, but rather God will zap you with His "quickening" wand. Then you have to believe that the only people who are zapped were decided before you were born. Then you have to accept the idea that Jesus only died for the sins of those people who were hand-picked to be zapped and not the whole world. You also have to believe that the word "all" means something different to God (and Calvinists) than "all" of us . Plus, you must accept the idea that the Holy Spirit agrees with Calvinist doctrine, and only tells it to Calvinists, leaving everyone else who believes in Jesus in the dark.

    If you can do do all that, then you'll have the mind of Calvinism err ... um... Jesus, I guess
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    Thank God for having me write it, and for having you give it the post of the day!
    And thank God for having me thank God for...


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      Nicely done.


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        What a head banger theology. LOL. Great post!

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