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Knight's pick 11-20-2003

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  • Knight's pick 11-20-2003

    Originally posted by Crow
    Crow's answers

    1. Once saved always saved. Yes.

    2. You believe Christians, who hold the Ten Commandments, are not trusting in Jesus for Salvation. If you are keeping the Ten Commandments because you believe it is necessary for salvation, then you are trusting in your own righteousness. If you are attempting to keep them because God gave them to us as an instruction in how we should behave toward Him and others, fine.

    3. You believe 99.99% of Christendom is not saved. I am not going to try to guess what percentage of "Christians" are not saved, but I believe it to be substantial.

    4. You believe Sozo is a, "Good Man". I believe Sozo is wicked, as all human beings are. The good that Sozo does is the Spirit working through him.

    5. You believe you are being led by the Holy Spirit 24/7. I believe that the Holy Spirit is available to us 24/7, but that none of us follow the Spirit's guidance 24/7.

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