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Crow's Pick 11-20-03

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  • Crow's Pick 11-20-03

    POTD, Brellix!


    In response to this idiotic post, Brellix posted:

    Originally posted by Brellix
    Ahhh shut your pie hole sodomite. Everyone here knows what a piece of work that you are.

    Do the rest of the world a favor. You and your 1000's of pervert partners petition the government to grant you the Biblical penalty that you all deserve.

    All homos, especially militant homos like you, must be given a chance to repent or forced to face the consequences.

    Don't like it pinko? Tough. It brings me great pleasure to know that unrepentant proponents of perversity will experience a harsh rebuke at the judgement seat of Christ.

    p.s. Make sure to show your neighbors this tripe so they can install chastity belts on their dogs.