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Turbo's pick 8-10-03

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  • Turbo's pick 8-10-03

    Poly asks, "Who besides Jack-O should be held accountable?"
    Originally posted by erinmarie
    You read my mind Poly!
    My husband and I were just discussing this.
    I have a list:
    The parents
    The authorities
    The household staff and friends of M.J.
    The parents of these children( cause certainly there's more than one victim over the course of M.J.'s disturbing life) should have been aware of the previous charges brought against M.J. These were serious allegations! Holy Cow....It's so horrendous that it was settled out of court. Shame on the parents of the first child for taking any amount of money from that monster and letting him prey on innocents again. I don't even let my children play outside by themselves and these parents are literally leaving their children to be tortured by a madman.
    Shame on the authorities for not busting their balls to put that man in jail before this had to happen again. It seemed like a half hearted investigation first time around and I hope they make up for it this time.
    And the most disgusting of all are M.J.'s staff, entourage and "friends" who ignore and place blame on everyone other than the true culprit and fiend. They sat idly by as a horrible crime took place.

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