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Poly's pick 11-16-03

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  • Poly's pick 11-16-03

    Originally posted by Lucky
    Lucky's +op +en Reasons[list=1][*]It's my only form of social interaction. The warden won't let me leave this room with cushioned walls and no sharp objects.[*]As iron sharpens iron... There are a bunch of iron filings around my computer. [*]Some threads get me to do some in-depth Bible study. Even if I don't respond to those threads, I do attempt to formulate my own opinions on the matter.[*]I don't know if I'll make it #10[*]For fun, humor, and entertainment. Just look at Skeptic's posts. [*]To argue, sometimes.[*]+OL is the 1st forum I ever posted at on the Internet. And I've gotten into about 10 others, and +OL ranks #1![*]Who can resist these great smilies?
    ( <-my unbiased favorite) and all the others![*]I'm a +OLoholic, but I can leave anytime. In theory, anyways... [*] It's the best place to see liberal-bashing![/list=1]

    "The most terrifying words in the English language are 'I'm from the government and I'm here to help.'" - Ronald Reagan

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    Very nice!
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