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Poly's pick 11-12-03

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  • Poly's pick 11-12-03

    Originally posted by Tye Porter

    Originally posted by PureX
    I have always wondered WHY some people need to believe that God wrote the bible. Not to mention why they think everyone else must believe the same as them to be a Christian. I wish they could explain this, but they never do.
    The foundations of the Christian Faith and the Jewish religion is the Bible.
    We believe that it is the Word of God.

    Let's try this:

    God is the Creator.
    God (any god, for the sake of debate) is perfect.
    If He was not perfect, He would not be God.
    He is absolute and true.
    His word is the same. Perfect, absolute and true.
    To deny His truth, His absolution, is to deny Him.
    Truth is absolute.
    It is true no matter the perspective.
    To have God as the foundation for that truth is to have a common foundation for Christians, no matter their perspective.
    Now we have many different Christians, who have the same foundation, the same God, the same Truth.
    When one Christian (or a group/cult) disagrees with the truth, he takes and sets himself aside of the rest. He removes himself from the truth of God.
    This is why we need a common foundation.
    This is why every Christian must believe the same, or they infer that there are many different gods, many different truths.

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    Good one!