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Crow's pick 11-11-03

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  • Crow's pick 11-11-03


    Great Post, Poly!

    Originally posted by Poly
    For the record, I make NO BONES about the fact that I hate homos but there is probably few things that bring me greater joy than seeing a homosexual repent of his abomination and turn to Christ. I want to see a time come about again where the homo is so ashamed of himself that he won't remain in that state of destruction and he'll see where he has failed his Creator. I don't think you'd find a Christian with more joy over this than me. How is this done if I just accept him and lie to him and tell him that God loves him just the way he is? Why would he want to change? We make it so easy for him to continue in his sins. The world loves him. The Christians love him and give him the impression that he can remain this way and it's just hunky dorey with God. Sometimes you have to love a person enough to hate them. This may seem confusing but Knight explains it well.