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Knight's POTD 1-1-2008

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  • Knight's POTD 1-1-2008

    Originally posted by Town Heretic
    Originally posted by koban
    I guess that makes us both stupid.
    True dat - he's acting in a perfectly legal manner.
    Nope, also acting in a perfectly legal manner.
    I'm not sure what you were trying to demonstrate.
    The problem is dragging legality into the question. As per my response a bit ago the morality of an act doesn't necessarily correspond with its legality. I offered prostitution as an example. On Knight's side of the coin, murder is typically a legal definition and can't take place inside the law. As abortion is legal it is not murder. It is, however, a morally unjustifiable killing and an abomination, a blight on the nation's soul. In this regard it is much like slavery, once upon a not so distant time.
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    I think I'm hilarious.


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