Recapitulation is a theory developed to improve our understanding of the Apocalypse. Victorinus of Pettau in the third century was the first to show the same events were being repeated in different visions. Therefore the sequence of chapters cannot be considered necessarily in chronological order. Most commentaries on the Apocalypse have adopted this theory. It has also been described as parallelism

What is even more interesting about Victorinus is that in his commentary, which is the oldest still in existence, he does not mention the seven churches in chapters two or three but does mention the seven churches Paul wrote to in chapter one. So we have to assume that the seven famous churches where not included in his copy of the Apocalypse. To this we need to add the quote from 2nd century Irenaeus about “all the most approved and ancient copies” of the Apocalypse. So for all those who didn’t think the book belonged in the bible you have to wonder what copy they were reading. How old is ancient in the 2nd century? And there had to be Latin version for Victorinus to study.