What if ISIS comes to town


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In places in Europe, large communities of Muslims have started Sharia Law patrols. They go out into their neighborhoods and when they find anybody holding hands or kissing or doing anything against Sharia law they step in and stop it. This seems to me like the first step in overthrowing a country and it does make me a little nervous.

It also seems like a place where ISIS, or some other radical Islamic group, can step in a really fulminate something nasty. I had the misfortune of seeing a couple of unedited videos of what what ISIS considers justice. It is not anything I want anything to do with. Nor do I want my family in the hand sof these people.

The way I am starting to see it is that if people come in and attempt to implement Sharia law they are instigating treason against the U.S., or any other nation, and should be dealt with accordingly.

But what if you do end up with a large radical Islamic community near your home, what then? On the one hand, I am Christian and Jesus said love your enemy and make believers of all men. That would seem the proper course of action. Like any radicalized group, I would not expect reason to be overly successful in talking to these people. If they start Sharia law patrols, what is the proper response for the average Citizen? If they assault one of my family, well, I do have guns. While I do not carry as a general rule, this is a case where I would retrieve my guns and put a stop to their patrols.

What is the proper response for the average citizen in the U.S?


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What is the proper response for the average citizen in the U.S?

To defend yourself, family and friends, be sure you have a firearm readily available and know how to use it.

Also, don't think of these barbarians in the same way you would think of the average cult. Their only purpose in life is to murder those who refuse to convert.

The Barbarian

Much of Europe is more comfortable with a Balkanized view of society. It serves the bigots on both sides. It makes it easier to keep Muslims out of general society, and it makes it easier for the Mullahs to keep the faithful from straying.

Granite's right. Wouldn't fly here.


Get used to it.
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Any kind of "patrol" like this stateside would end before it began. Lotsa luck.

Besides if it did happen it would show up in Dearborn Michigan first....Plenty of warning for the rest of us and no great loss to the U.S. :plain: