ECT Using Gods name in vain or blasphemy


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just as christ has shown his love for us, should we not then pledge our allegiance to our "country" in proclamation of that love. For if one loves, is not supporting a form of demonstrating love?
Just my humble opinion I believe Allegiance is the key word here. Pledging is the act of promising to give.
Now allegiance is loyalty, moreover loyalty is showing complete and constant support. Read off the definitions of support, Christ is engaging and fulfilling every delineation of support. once in time one of the interest of this country was to follow Christ.
That "Flag" must once again represents that interest, so once more as a country we honor GOD. And when others see our flag its GOD glory that is shown.
what then would you call a individual who does not "promise" their loyalty to America which the " flag" represents.
Maybe anti-love or plain self-centered be a little more appropriate.
When I reflect on the "pledge" i see that one is choosing to love others rather than the love of self. To all who proclaim this with conviction together we become as one under God, whith liberty, and "JUSTICE FOR ALL"
So for me yes one would be considered anti-american, for to "pledge allegiance" to country youre are saying you will rise to action to support liberty, and justice (equality) for "all".

Sisters, brothers, thank you for having patients with me and engaging in these sentiments.
One should not be supporting the removal of God from their foundational core. Understandable one should not pledge their allegiance to that "institution". Thus one can recognize not participating in the cermony is sensible. Amen we all should be rejoiceful for our Lords return. Inarguably we must wholeheartedly be daily engaging ourself in HIS word as to recognize the times so to be prepared for Christs return.
Identifying only in christ is clear. Dangerous is the path of not doing so.
The major error in my past reasoning is ( its my reasonings ) loyalty was pledged to the flag not GOD. complete and constant faith should only be rooted in Christ. Two words (support, loyal) and how I interpreted it, was all it took for the deception of the flesh to try and lead me away from HIM.
And such engagements of the such worry me that i may have used the lords name in vain. Or committed blasphemy

Any Thoughts?
Insights maybe?

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