The FBI Should Raid Biden’s Residence Just Like They Raided Trump’s


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Why hasn't Biden been "raided"? Because so far he is fully cooperating with authorities.
That is a total lie. The Biden administration has been engaged in a cover-up from day one. Every day they say they have turned over all documents and then the next day new documents are found. Not only is your statement a lie it is also not an excuse, because Trump was also cooperating with authorities. He didn't try to block access and he didn't try to turn away investigators from his door. And yet they invaded his home like it was a country and they were in army. Reading through your post you seem to have great difficulty with truth and facts. It seems like you're only purpose here at this forum is to tell lies when good people like this Jefferson person post facts. You should have seriously reevaluate your ethics


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I wouldn't be surprised if the powers that be are planting some of these documents to make sure that Biden leaves office. It's what the Dems want right now.

Remember, whatever happens in DC, always ask yourself. "Who benefits?"

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You can't use that excuse with Trump. He admits he stole them.
Trump also admits he cooperated fully with NARA and DOJ officials from the first day but the Jan 6 committee ignored all of that in order to make a show of force in raiding Trump's home to support their lying narrative that Trump was a danger to US national security.


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We must assume all the officials involved in the leftist raid on Trump's home were colluding together in a dishonest attempt to bring Trump down for vengeful political reasons. There is no other way to adequately explain all the discrepancies in their stories.