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Those who are familiar with my past contributions to this forum, may be interested in referencing a comprehensive and standardised repository of my work, which is being added to every few weeks.

The repository simply uses a forum template for convenience: it is not a forum for debate or general cross-talk, and to such extent is not in competition with TOL. (There is a section where registered members can create a thread to comment on any of the works, but such thread will simply act as a private message viewed publicly: no other members may enter that discussion, and such facility has not be used to date and possibly never will be.) Accordingly, almost all visitors to the site are simply readers of the works and have not become registered members.

So the site is foremostly a repository for teaching and reference purposes, and that all to the glory of the Lord God Jesus Christ.

The site has had regular visitors from Beijing China, New Jersey, Missouri, Texas, California, the U.K, and Australia.

Here is the URL:

January 2015
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