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The award for today goes to a new member to our forum, who smacked some serious truth and wrote as great a first post as I have seen on here in my memory. Way to go TruthTrecker for this post:

TruthTrecker said:
I think that less than ten percent of the western world is saved. You are right, most of the children that are rescued from abortion will die without salvation, thanks to the narcissistic, selfish and hard hearted church. Evidence of the Christian hard heart is at the abortion mills. We see Christian young women with their families going into the mills every week. Their excuses range from the pathetic to the outrageous. But they all have a few thing in common, a lack of knowledge of the Living God, a hard or foolish heart and selfishness.

You seem to be suggesting that Christians should turn their backs on the victims of abortion because they are guaranteed a place in heaven. Just for arguments sake think about those that would have been saved? They are robbed of the opportunity to glorify Christ on earth, never to receive the crowns they could have earned, given the chance.

Maybe you haven't thought about the long range effect of abortion on society. Child killing has far reaching complications that effect not just the mother and child, but all of us. Abortion hardens the hearts of the women who have them and the men and women who support their validity. Every time an abortionists kills a child he increases God's wrath against him for all eternity. As society's corporate heart hardens it is increasingly harder to reach the individual for Christ. As a result people are more likely to reject Christ and die without Him. The apostle Paul said that the law is a tutor to lead us to Christ. If the Church allows the law to be forgotten where will direction come from? Planned Parenthood? Is the church not responsible to reach even murders and their accomplices for Christ? A society that can turn a blind eye when children are being killed by the millions is a society on the eve of destruction. God says that it is better to tie a millstone around your neck and be thrown into the deepest sea rather than hurt one of His little ones. When people lose compassion for the most innocent among them there is not much other than self that matters to them anymore. Therefore, the family disintegrates and instead of a Godly man leading his family in the ways of the Lord, we have the ungodly state trying to legislate secular salvation with it's ungodly, unlawful, ridiculous laws. Laws that can only lead to death.

I know that I've given you a quick answer to a complex problem, just let me say this. I have watched the hearts of young mothers change over the 28 years that I've stood outside of abortion mills. Twenty eight years ago I would never have imagined the kind of lack of respect that the young women of today have for themselves. They are used by men and they call it freedom. Because the law is written on the table of their hearts they are unable to reconcile their emotions with their convictions. They are tormented with guilt and feelings of worthlessness, yet they won't express those feelings to anyone for fear of being "different". Instead they proudly proclaim their sin and harden their hearts to the truth. They do not have the foundation of Christ to stand on so there lives become a vicious circle of seeking the fulfillment of the flesh and then trying to reconcile their emotions. These are the women who will raise the next generation.


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