Missed expectations


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When erroneous predictions are made based upon bad assumptions you can always expect to read about "missed expectations." Sadly, that is common for democrat hopes and predictions based upon propagated democrat policies. Democrats don't seem to know why things turn bad as a result of enacting bad democrat policies. For one example, Kamala Harris was assigned to try to solve the border crisis made disastrous by democrat open border policies. She did not go to the American southern border to assess the situation on the ground but to Central America to look for the root causes of the American crisis. What a moron.

Wiser Americans advised Biden not to strangle American oil production, not to close down the economy out of coronavirus fears, and not to raise taxes and burdensome regulations, and not to spend America into debtor's hell, but Biden forged ahead with his stupid plans and now democrats are left scratching their heads trying to figure out why things are not working out as they planned.

Experts believed that the delta variant scared potential job seekers, which slowed down economic growth in September while companies desperately tried to hire, the WSJ reported. (RELATED: Inflation Hits Another Multi-Decade High After Fed Boosts Projection)