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Originally posted by One Eyed Jack
Originally posted by Corky the Cat
So who decides when a spanking becomes a beating, Jack?

What's the difference? Spanking, beating -- same thing.

And if we teach children that violence is ok, as you seem to be suggesting,

I'm not suggesting that.

I'm glade my own children didn't come into contact with you when they were growing up.

I seriously doubt your kids were even born when I was growing up.

Please show me where I said there would never be a case for reasonable force to protect ones family.

Then answer the question -- what would you do?

You, on the other hand, seem to be condoning child abuse.

I've never condoned child-abuse. I simply disagree with you over the definition of the term.

It should and probably will eventually.

Yeah... whatever. The last time you Brits tried to regulate us, you got your butts kicked.
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