Jesus Message Resurrection


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On the Crucifixion's day, Jesus let all people around Him witness, with no doubt, not only the death of His flesh but the death of His Message as well; as we will see below:

On that day, there was not even one person on earth who dared saying: "I am with this man and I believe him'.
Yes, Jesus let even His Church's Rock, Peter, deny Him on that day ‘because of fear’; not once but 3 times (it wasn’t a mere coincidence that Peter couldn’t control himself and cut, by his sword, one’s ear on that day).

By allowing such a scenario to happen, Jesus and the Father in Heaven confirmed, even before the death of Jesus’ flesh, the death of Jesus message.
But this wasn’t enough.

Jesus let all his apostles and disciples also live in fear and hide themselves for 40 long days. Jesus and the Father in Heaven chose this time delay which, as known by men, is the period of time in which a widow is isolated in order to be sure that she has no life in her from her dead husband.

Then, after this clear death of Jesus Message, the world was surprised in witnessing its Resurrection via Jesus first apostles and disciples. All of a sudden, they had no fear at all and started spreading Jesus message while being guided by the Divine Spirit of Love, the Holy Spirit. And nothing was able to stop them preaching the God's Message of Love while the world was crucifying, torturing and burning them.

In my humble knowledge, such a Message Resurrection is unique in human history and it will be so till the end of time.

Now, after about 2000 years, almost anyone on earth can access, if he wants to, the Gospel and read the various important natural truths that Jesus reveals about the world’s Life Reality. In fact, in these days, there is no ruling/formal system in the world (religious or political) dares considering the printing of the Gospel (as hard copy or ebook) a crime against its law.

But, at the same time, all ruling/formal systems (religious or political, including the Christian ones) consider many Jesus Christ sayings (unlike anything else on the Bible) as taboos which are not supposed to be preached ‘openly’ and ‘exactly’ as Jesus does on the Gospel. Some of them are taboos mainly for religious systems (like how to pray) and some others are taboos mainly for political systems (like... love your enemies... not an eye for an eye...).

So no one can deny that the today’s world lives a sort of a continuous living miracle (it contradicts the human logic) that a message is allowed to be read in private by independent individuals (or in very small groups as here... LOL) and not be heard openly by the world (as the great speeches of some politicians are heard, for example).

I guess it is my turn now to be crucified by the world’s Nobles :)