Inheritance of the GIFT??


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Why can’t the churches today get ANYTHING right?? – They cannot teach what Jesus Christ, or His Father Taught through any Prophet. – It just does not matter what God or Christ have said about anything. - There is not a “Single Doctrine” taught by any church today that can be proven, using the Scriptures. --- As usual, you will take what I just said out of context!! – I’m saying that “Every Doctrine” today is ( Based ) on other false doctrines, making every doctrine ( ERROR )!!!

The word “Church” means, - “Group of People”, nothing more and nothing less!! - Satan, the Devil has his church / “Group of people”. – The difference between the Lord’s Church / Group of People, and the Devil’s Group of People, is the Devil’s church (( Is Divided )), or to say, “The Devil’s House / family is ( Divided ). – Even the Mormon group of People / Church is divided among themselves and also divided from all other houses / families such as the Catholic group / church. --- There are ( Five “Different” Baptist Groups / Churches within “one mile” of me here, plus one “United” – Presbyterian!! – All ( Different ) Groups of People calling themselves of the “Group of Christ’s People”, or “Church”. -- That by definition is - “Denominations” of a single People; - the same as all the different “Bills of Dollars” are called “Denominations” of the single “American Currency”. You cannot call your legal money, “Yens, Pounds, Pesos, or Rubles!!!

All false Groups of the People of God teach doctrines of a different “god”, not The Anointed God of Heaven!! – I know of ( No Group of People ) who teach that Jesus “Only Died” for His “Group of People / His Church / His Wife!! ---- ( How can any Group / Church ) teach today that Jesus was “Their Passover Lamb”; - “Sacrificed” by His Father for “Their” sins, perfecting the Animal Sacrifices for “Them”?? – ((( That’s Old Law ))) for the Jews, “NOT TO THE GENTILES”!!! – They are trying to ( Extend ) the Old Law to them, the Gentiles, and it cannot be done!!!!!!

The Lord’s Group of People / Church / (( “WIFE” )) is the Heir of what, after Her Husband DIES?? --- Eternal Life?? – Who is that?? ---/-- All Things?? – Who is that??? ---/-- Heir of the World?? – Who is That?? ---/-- Heir of Righteousness?? ---/-- Who is That?? ----- Tell us all, - How the Wife, or Church of Christ can Inherit anything unless the Husband is (( DEAD ))!!! – You all say that after Jesus Christ was Resurrected; - He ascended into Heaven, ( HOLY )!! – If Jesus is ( HOLY ), - How then can Jesus’ “Head” be lifted up, and his Body waiting to be Resurrected / Awakened / Quickened to be ( “Joined, or Married” ) to the “Head”????? ------- None of you will even ( Try to address ) this with a ((( Righteous Mind ))) / The Mind of Christ!!! – 1 Corinthians 2:16 KJV – 16- “For who hath known the “Mind of the Lord”, that he may instruct him? ( But we ) have the ( Mind of Christ )”. --------///--- You all don’t even know what that is saying in Truth!!! --- If anyone has the “Mind of Christ”, - What Spiritually does he not know, and is not Revealed to him by the Holy Ghost?? ---- Prove me wrong, -- ((( Again )))!!!!!

Paul – 122312
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