Born Before Memory:


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Nick M stated in another of my Threads that > “Knowing that Obama was going to hell, makes his heart content”. --- SORRY! – But that’s not the way it works. – I also am content knowing how he’s going. --- Obama’s flesh, or body was named “Obama” at his birth, and it is only going back to the dust of the earth and nowhere else except maybe in the daisies he helps to push up. I don’t care about that, BUT, who he is in his heart or mind; - that I will laugh at!! --- Proverbs 1:26-27 KJV ---&--- /// --- Genesis 3:19 KJV ---&--- Ecclesiastes 9:5 KJV ------//-- Both, the righteous and the unrighteous are reborn, or born anew, however, the fool is reborn the first time he reaches the age to reject the Christ, or the Body of Jesus. - Only the righteous are Born Anew ( From The Dead ). – That is, - the Christian is “Born Again”, and the fool is born again but is born still dead / born dead again. ---- Hear what the Lord says, >> “Ye are of ( your father ) the devil”; ----- and of the Christian, >> --- Matthew 5:45 KJV -------///--- As the Christian has a Father in Heaven, the Fool has a father in hell. – The Christian has received the Soul of God, and that is the Spirit of the Anointed Body of Jesus, resurrected, and is called the Body of Christ. The devil has a soul also, but his soul is in its “second death”, called “Hell”. Not the grave, or the pit / dust of the earth. – Jesus gave us His Body, and made us all a part of it, the same as the devil has also. It’s the body of the devil, who is called ( “The Antichrist” ). The war is between the God of Light and the God of darkness, the devil and his angels, and Christ / God and His Angels, etc, etc etc.

( “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he” ). – The thinking of fools is from the devil and the thinking of Christians is from the Word of God / Christ. -- Both seeds of thought are planted in us, and born in us if we give it ROOT; - and that’s who we are. – We all are what we “THINK”, we are the Spirit of Christ, or the spirit of the Antichrist!! ---- We all die and are born “Before Memory”; -- OOHH MYYY!!

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