Al Sharpton


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Sharpton is the typical lib:

everything is the fault of what went before


your childhood

True, your childhood, your past DOES have some effect on you and it is the other unhealthy extreme to ignore such things. But really, sometimes things like that NEED to be ignored, because, well.. for one thing, Jesus forgives. If people do not, that is THEIR problem. And of course, they do not forgive. They look at someone's past and say to themselves "Gee, you could have done better than that. What is your problem?"

easy for them to say, is about all I can say to that. But a lot of the time, people do about as well as can be expected (assuming they haven't rejected Christ and etc...). This is why Jesus said not to judge: you never know what any given person has been through/is going through... you just can never know that, no matter what you "know" about him