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  1. marhig

    ECT Love one another

    This video (below) has touched me. This shows us what we can be like. Hopefully none of us here are like this, because Jesus came as a poor man, and we should love one another, whether they are rich or poor and not only care for our own, but care for all those in need around us. And if the love...
  2. marhig

    Being taught by the holy spirit

    Hiya :) I have been talking to a Christian who doesn't believe that we are cleansed and taught by the holy spirit in the heart and that this isn't taught according to the scriptures. I do believe that we are cleansed of sin and taught by the spirit every day. I've never attended a mainstream...
  3. marhig

    Obeying God

    I haven't been here long, and I've noticed that there have been debates about obedience. I've never really known anything different other than that we should obey God if we are his. He has given us freewill, but I believe that if we love God and have faith and trust in Jesus we will obey. So I...