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  1. carolus magnus

    What is the best explanation for Polystrate Fossils?

    Polystrate Fossils seems to be a favorite topic among Creationists. I see it mentioned almost every time they discuss geology. I'm curious how non-creationist geologists explain them? I read this article on Talk Origins which seems to be saying creationists are stupid and out of date for using...
  2. carolus magnus

    Sam Harris interviews Bart Ehriman

    Sam Harris and Bart Ehrman come to the conclusion that the New Testament is cobbled together human documents, there is no god, Christianity is a bunch of huey. Believers are nutty kooks. :kook: :duh:
  3. carolus magnus

    DNA code from a software engineers point of view

    DNA is a designed engineering language, not a random accumulation of variables that just happen to make a living being. This article presents an intriguing look into that engineered language: I certainly don't think the author is a creationist, or even skeptical of...
  4. carolus magnus

    Hello! From the newest...

    ...Lifetime member Well, I up and did it. Couldn't resist the Black Friday 50% off offer. I've been here for quite a while; December 12th, 2006. So not a newbie, but I am a newb lifer. So felt like posting a little greeting here. Looking forward to a lot more lively discussions, and maybe...