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  1. Trump Gurl

    Dems are trying to steal the election with voter fraud

    6-Person Team Briefed Hundreds of State Senators on Election Irregularities A six-person team that included Rudy Giuliani and Peter Navarro on Saturday briefed...
  2. Trump Gurl

    Democrats Support Infanticide: Change My Mind

    OBGYN Lawmaker on Failed Born-Alive Bill: ‘Nightmare’ Letting Newborns Die Pro-life members of Congress and activists held a press conference on Tuesday to respond to the...
  3. Trump Gurl

    masks work .. to infect you :(

    . . . . . and meanwhile the socialist state is created before our very eyes. Recently Walmart officially insulted Republicans on Twitter. The big companies allowed to say open are Left leaning and will cooperate with a socialist sate. The mom and pop stores ae being put out of business by the...
  4. Trump Gurl

    JAN. 6! March for Trump

    "Formal rallies are planned most of the day and will draw pro-Trump demonstrators to the Washington Monument, Freedom Plaza and the Capitol. But online forums and encrypted chat messages among far-right groups indicate a number of demonstrators might be planning more than chanting and waving signs.
  5. Trump Gurl

    JAN. 6! March for Trump

    Anyone else care to deal with this idiot chair? He is boring me.
  6. Trump Gurl

    President Trump's historic accomplishments pointed to overwhelming victory in 2020 election

    First the stupidity (Post 3) then the ignorant sexist insult. Yep, you're a Leftist alright.
  7. Trump Gurl

    There Is No Future for the Republican Party Without Trump

    You have morphed into quite the little ignorant troll lately haven't you. Your leftist hate is coming through your thin veneer of denial. Yes, it has. Pathetically poor analogy. There are no GOP policies or Trump policies that are fascistic. But there ae MANY Democrat policies that are...
  8. Trump Gurl

    JAN. 6! March for Trump

    JAN. 6 in Washington DC. Jan. 6 protests multiply as Trump continues to call supporters to Washington Protests planned in support of President Trump on Jan. 6 are...
  9. Trump Gurl


    You want it to be since your side cheated
  10. Trump Gurl

    How far are we down the road to totalitarianism

    The Lemming are happily giving their freedoms away.
  11. Trump Gurl

    Canada cops now mask gestapo

    Fascism is ultimately Leftist. Be ready for chair's usual stupidity:
  12. Trump Gurl

    Why Democrats are Exactly Like Nazis

    Actions speak louder than words Colonel Klink.
  13. Trump Gurl

    Democrats are Good Little Nazis: Turn Your Neighbors In

    Actions speak louder than words Herr Himmler.
  14. Trump Gurl

    There Is No Future for the Republican Party Without Trump

    An apt implication you idiot. This forum has already proven that Democrats are just like Nazis. So shuttup
  15. Trump Gurl

    Covid Vaccination: I'm getting my first dose on Thursday

    Asked and Answered ad infinitum. Can't you read?
  16. Trump Gurl

    Why Democrats Happily Lie about Cheating in the Election

    Translation: "Jeri proved that Democrats are the party of Infanticide and all I can do is reply with a snotty childish retort." By the way you idiot, why are responding to a post from Nov. 29, 2020 by a banned member? You really are a loser.
  17. Trump Gurl

    Objecting to Electors Will Allow Trump to Air Vote Fraud Allegations

    Both of you drank the KoolAid, the Stupid flavor, and you're hooked. It needs to be restated over and over again: Democrats are people who burn down cities, murder cops, terrorize neighborhoods, have roving Nazi brownshirts (BLM and Antifa), shut down churches, impose Nazi curfews, and so much...
  18. Trump Gurl

    Israel and the Church

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I have presented the Eastern Orthodox view in this forum, I have presented the Catholic view, and I will post some protestant articles about the topic. That is all of Christianity. All of Christianity hold a few things in common: The inerrancy of the Bible The literal...
  19. Trump Gurl

    Covid Vaccination: I'm getting my first dose on Thursday

    My God you are the quintessential coward. Are you scared of your car too? You might crash and die you know, millions do. Are you scared of the shower? Thousands slip and die in the tub every year you know. That's what every turd in a mask is: A coward scared to live. You really don't listen...