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    Fiona Hill: "The president was trying to stage a coup"

    Biden has again refused to release secret JFK assassination files. If Pence has read anny of those secret reports he is wise not to completely trust every Secret Service agent.
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    Clarence Page: Who’s afraid of critical race theory? Those who don’t know what it is

    I am grieved by many ideas promoted by leftists that are not right, but I am not losing sleep over the nonsense.
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    The "QAnon" Fraud!

    Don't put trust in men. If anyone needs help understanding the Bible let him pray to God for wisdom.
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    The "QAnon" Fraud!

    People are subject to believe any crazy thing but all those who refuse to believe God will end in hell.
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    The "QAnon" Fraud!

    Who is Q? Schitff's ghost whistleblower?
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    Republicans cancel Liz Cheney

    Mueller and his 13 member squad of rabid Hillary supporting lawyers spent years trying to turn the Hillary-invented Trump/Russian collusion conspiracy theory lie into truth. They failed - miserably- even with nearly every leftist democrat in the country supporting them.
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    Republicans cancel Liz Cheney

    Garland said people from all walks of life are being threatened. So why if he is not a party hack did he mobilize the FBI to go after moms that he thinks may end up threatening a liberal leftist school board member?
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    Let's Go Brandon!

    The Washington Post had to issue a correction after its editors were caught lying to the public. How shameful yet how typical for the WAPO...
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    Parent arrested for anger over his daughter being raped at school

    Students walked out of school to protest the cover-up crime of the school board in the sodomizing rape of a girl in their school. Good for them. Hopefully, that will send a message to democrats to stop pushing homosexual perversion in schools...
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    Marine Lt. Colonel illegally jailed for political reasons

    I am not unhinged by those who profess to be Christian and do bad things, whether in religion, in science, in business, or especially in politics.
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    Parent arrested for anger over his daughter being raped at school

    Garland was asked to give an example of one terrorist threat made to a school board member in the US, and he could not. He mobilized every law enforcement agency under his oversight to go after parents who disagreed with leftist policies because one leftist school board organization told him...
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    Should children get covid vaccinations?

    Not according to experts. Covid vaccines are dasngerous to children...
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    Obama's Worse than Watergate scandal is exposed by the indictment of Sussmann

    Durham has indicted a former Clinton lawyer for lying to the FBI about the faked Russian/Trump collusion dossier crafted by another scumbag on the democrat payroll, Christopher Steele. Not even the highest democrat powers in Washington can keep their wicked assaults against Trump and the...
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    Marine Lt. Colonel illegally jailed for political reasons

    Do you think Christians who believe God are unhinged? If so you must be a democrat. Revelation 6:15-17 King James Version 15 And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in...
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    Are voter IDs racist?

    Democrats in Virginia installed unmonitored ballot boxes in 2020 allegedly because of the coronavirus pandemic. Those boxes can be filled with illegitimate ballots and nobody would be the wiser. Why would democrats want to open voting up to unsecured voting that could allow thousands or tens...
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    Clarence Page: Who’s afraid of critical race theory? Those who don’t know what it is

    Democrats have been turning blacks against whites and republicans for decades as a political tool used to generate wins in elections. Critical race theory is the product of that democrat deception foisted upon the ignorant, the unlearned, the immoral, the greedy, and the hateful...
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    Illegal immigration: Red Cross vs tens of millions of Americans

    The Biden administration is cracking down on Americans who hire illegal immigrants. Think about that. Biden is allowing millions of illegal immigrants into this country with their children and yet he will jail Americans who hire them. Does he have a plan for illegals that will feed them...
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    Should Americans demand voter securities that would stop illegal voting?

    It does not look like democrats want to take steps to ensure that no fraudulent vote is cast. They claim that voting securities like voter IDs, clean voter registries, proof of American citizenship, and so forth are racist and should therefore be rejected. That is ridiculous. Voting...
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    The Forensic Audit of Fulton County Georgia Ballots

    There is no way democrats can hide this obvious fraud, no matter how fast they talk.
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    Marine Lt. Colonel illegally jailed for political reasons

    I suspect it will come to something like that. According to the Bible, during the tribulation, the leftists in charge will be beheading anyone who refuses to go along with the leftist mandates. Revelation 20:4 And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them: and I...