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    Our very own Lovemeorhateme.
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    The Clock Ticks (Ahmed Mohamed's clock bomb)

    Unfortunately, he is Muslim and he has to accept that suspicions are heightened with them. The people who reported the incident were totally correct in alerting their seniors and the police. Or do we just completely ignore the fact that Muslims are the most violent religious group in the world?
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    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year all. I wish you a fine year. May the Lord bless you and teach you his truth.
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    The reliable GT

    I had a lovely (neg) rep from GT about this. Keep'em coming GT, I'm not offended as my shoulders are broad and my God is great. Perhaps one day you will wake up and realise how evil you are and take appropriate steps to address that. God bless.
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    Theology Club: The Big Picture

    Someone recently described me as somewhat left of middle towards the process theology end of the spectrum (if there is such a thing). I wrote this to set the record straight. Let me say first of all that I completely disavow the process theology of AN Whitehead – bi-polar godism as it is...
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    One on One: Desert Reign and Lon - Openness vs. Reformed hermeneutics

    In the 'Death of God' thread Lon proposed a hermeneutic for interpreting the Bible as follows: I have challenged Lon to justify this hermeneutic and he has accepted. We have agreed that the debate will follow along the following lines: 1. Lon will post first, stating his hermeneutical...