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  1. Idolater

    Protestantism was falsified here on TOL

    Finito doneski DOA, in February 2016, over five years ago. It was an impromptu battle royale debate, many participants (many of whom have ceased participating on TOL, which I don't think is coincidental), during which a group of Catholic users and an Orthodox user and a...
  2. Idolater

    Tom Brady's the GOAT ---- NOTHING to do with Bill Belichick

    The New England Patriots won six Super Bowls. Tom Brady won the Super Bowl the first season he played without Coach Belichick. Tom Brady is the dynasty, not the Patriots, and not Belichick either. When he won it last year he took all six of NE's Lombardi's trophies with him, those are all his...
  3. Idolater

    Why Homosexuality MUST Be Recriminalized! Part 7

    (1) The Church flees perversion, she doesn't just avoid perversion, she runs away from it. (2) ΠΟΡΝography MUST Be Recriminalized.
  4. Idolater

    "What's the risk of indoor dining if you're fully vaccinated?"

    Answer: Yes Indoor dining in a restaurant definitely has more risk Other interesting excerpts: (Also you might be fatally allergic to the raincoat. Although I'm not anti-vax or a denier, the odds are...
  5. Idolater

    "Richard Sackler says his family and Purdue Pharma are not to blame for US opioid crisis"

    They're not. The opioid crisis is the fault of law enforcement shutting down the "pill mill" doctors who liberally prescribed Purdue Pharma's products. These MDs moved so much OxyContin that whenever a single one of them was put out of business, there was a sudden enormous demand for opioids...
  6. Idolater

    Tom Brady 5 WAR NFL player

    'WAR' stands for "Wins Above Replacement", and it is a baseball term, not football. The basic idea is, over the course of a season, WAR attempts to measure how many additional wins a player contributes to his team, over a 'replacement' player. Apologies for the crossover from baseball to...
  7. Idolater

    President Trump was right on Greenland

    Remember when he tried to 'buy' Greenland? The man simply took what all the scientists were telling him, and then hedged his bets, it's as if he thinks, 'You know what real estate that is currently not valuable, will become valuable if climate change /global warming is real? Greenland.' It...
  8. Idolater

    For Noncatholics: Coming to Mass

    Hypothetically, if you were to come to Mass, here is what you will see and an explanation. First of all remember that Catholics are all priests, and we are coming to Mass to celebrate our liturgy together. Liturgy is work; priestly work, and while we are all priests equally (Galations 3:28)...
  9. Idolater

    Europe, praised for going green, exports emissions to the US

    I'm surprised to find this kind of fair and balanced reporting coming out of CNN. Especially since usually they're like many other news media; they love Europe; Europe walks on water; Europe's skubalon doesn't stink.
  10. Idolater

    Did God put Israel's covenant on hold?

    Why would God simply 'walk away from' the then 1500 year old institution of the office of a bishop (cf. 1 Tim 3:1)? 1500 years straight without a hiccup (on the fixed institution, not to say there weren't many disputes along the way), but then God suddenly abandons this institution, established...
  11. Idolater

    When I Google x I get # hits

    Title says it all. When I Google "catholic" I get 480m hits.
  12. Idolater

    The pedophilia

    For me as a Catholic, this is my thought on the paedophilia The Catholic priesthood used to be a good place for a pedophile violent criminal absolutely immoral man to hide out, and avoid justice. If there were criminal naïveté, then the other priests were guilty of that, but criminal naivete...
  13. Idolater

    Biden - "Poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids"

    Why isn't this President Biden's version of President Trump's "They let you grab them" remark? It reveals a fundamentally racist worldview. This level of hypocrisy is why we are so divided as a nation. This is all just party politics, we have our political views, and we vote for the candidate...
  14. Idolater

    Ethics and morals

    Is there an authoritative definition of these two terms? My lay investigation says no. There are different views of what these two concepts are and of how these two concepts interact, though every one of them does explain ethics in contrast with morals in some way. One way is that ethics is...
  15. Idolater

    The Resurrection of Christ

    This article was first published in 2007, and not by a Catholic. I thought it was pretty well done.
  16. Idolater

    Former President Obama has endorsed Joe Biden

    Parody. In breaking news, President Obama, 46 years old when he won his party's nomination for President in 2008, back when Joe Biden was 65 years old and his running mate, has finally agreed that Biden, now 77, is ready to be President. "I honestly didn't think he'd ever really be ready, but...
  17. Idolater

    The Joys of Catholicism

    This is the thread to express all the joys great and small that Catholics and Antiprotestants experience as believers and subscribers to Catholic theology inclusive, in shorthand Catholicism. I'll kick it off with a recent joy I experienced, that in this time of social distancing and lockdowns...
  18. Idolater

    Congratulations to you all for being 1 /140

    . . .th. Of what keeps TOL brimming with new content. I see there are 140 active members on TOL, that's something the old format didn't do, this one runs an algorithm and it says there are 140 users it considers active. So congratulations for being 1 /140th of what makes TOL a breathing...
  19. Idolater

    All Things the Boston Accent

    Ask me anything about our distinctive accent. Ask me to convert or translate, or post a vid and ask my impression of actors /speakers trying to simulate the accent. I'm not a doctor of the Boston accent, as there is no such thing, but I am a native Bostonian, and was completely 'born and...
  20. Idolater

    Philosophy, Language, the Animals and Free Will, People, and Logic; an Essay

    ‘Ceteris paribus,’ we all have the same thoughts and feelings. Language is our window to the world. Without language we’re not even observing the world, we are instead of looking through a window, we are looking at a blank wall that completely hides the world from us. The lack of language in...