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  1. Neopatriarch

    Crunching Numbers

    Is there any way to calculate the number of Israelite families that wandered in the desert from the statistics given in the Book of Numbers?
  2. Neopatriarch

    Core Christianity

    On laundry day I haul all my stuff up to the laundry mat and get the washers going, and if there is anyone around I try to strike up a conversation. Pretty quickly I transition to spiritual things. Most often people will claim to be a Christian. At that point I switch gears. I may ask them...
  3. Neopatriarch

    Question: Is there a way to squelch another user.

    Should it become necessary is it possible to turn individuals off?
  4. Neopatriarch

    Angel4 truth stop lying

    Here are the posters on your thread calling a wife a punishment. You didn't even scold them. Shame on you.
  5. Neopatriarch

    Intellectual Property

    As an artist I think a lot about "intellectual property" and copyrights. Under God's Law you could travel through your neighbors field and eat what you could but you could not take anything. Under man's law that might get you arrested. I use that example to point to the fact that God's Law...
  6. Neopatriarch

    Email Notification

    I am not getting email notifications on my subscribed threads. What am I doing wrong? I verified the email address, and re sub'd the threads.