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  1. ttruscott

    You Who Choose Permanent Death. Why Do You Do That?

    IF you are given a choice between options then you can decide which option you think will give you the most happiness, choosing which option is best for you. And if you can choose which belief is probably best for you then upon new experiential evidence, you can change your mind.
  2. ttruscott

    You Who Choose Permanent Death. Why Do You Do That?

    If we knew the difference between being alive in spirit and being dead in spirit, no one would choose death. Death is therefore not our choice but the result or consequence of a choice we thought was a better one for our life. When we heard the gospel proclaimed when YHWH proclaimed it to every...
  3. ttruscott

    For what cause are sinners rejected by God?

    Because God simply takes pleasure in rejecting them? GOD takes no pleasure in the death of anyone, even the wicked, and would rather see them repent: GOD does all things for HIS pleasure but HE takes NO PLEASURE in the death of the wicked - therefore HE did not create them evil to go to hell...
  4. ttruscott

    Why was God's anger kindled against His own people?

    To interpret this as meaning they are without any sin is too contrary to too many other verses that indicate that we are sinful at our conception etc, so it must mean something else. Perhaps it is referring to overt, obvious sin, that people who are sinners who are living ordinary lives and...
  5. ttruscott

    What is " The plan Of G-d " in your knowledge, in your own experience, and in scripture ?

    The plan of GOD for our lives here in this world is to have HIS sinful elect live with the reprobate unforgivable weeds for the one purpose of becoming fully repentant and holy in HIS sight as explained in the parable of the weeds, Matt 13:24-30, to speed up the coming of the day of Judgement: 2...
  6. ttruscott

    Why was God's anger kindled against His own people?

    Sin is enslaving. A sinner cannot seek or do righteousness. Being born as sinners as a euphemism for being created in Adam as a sinner denies then making a free will choice to be a sinner after birth sometime later in our life, and the cognitive dissonance this creates inlight of HIS attributes...
  7. ttruscott

    Why was God's anger kindled against His own people?

    Just as sin proves that we have a free will, that is, HE cannot cause anyone to be a sinner by any means at all, so does HIS anger at us prove our evil is by our free will choice to be evil in HIS sight as it is unjust to be angry at something natural, that is, for being as HE created us. There...
  8. ttruscott

    God does not condemn sinners to hell without first offering them salvation in Jesus

    I believe a number of things... The only sinners going to hell are condemned already, Jn 3:18. Only those who have never believed, that is, have NEVER put their faith in YHWH as their GOD and in the Son as their saviour from sin. From their first free will decision they have rebuked HIM as a...
  9. ttruscott

    How Calvinism does away with God's Judgment

    How interesting that no matter how I write it, there are those who replay or reframe it back to me as saying just the opposite of what I wrote. Always, sigh. PCE theology puts everyone's choice of the FATE they wanted as the REASON FOR, THE PRECURSOR to HIS predestination of our lIVES to...
  10. ttruscott

    How Calvinism does away with God's Judgment

    As you might have noticed over the last 5 years or so, I am most decidedly NOT a Calvinist.
  11. ttruscott

    How Calvinism does away with God's Judgment

    Of course I answered...judgement is the fulfilment of the predestination! No judgement and predestination fails and HE is revealed as a charlatan. And HIS predestination of people to heaven or hell is NOT UNJUST IF HIS reason for predestination is based upon where they put their faith, in HIM...
  12. ttruscott

    How Calvinism does away with God's Judgment

    Their condemnation was their sentence, already given as per Jn 3:18. Their judgement refers to the fulfillment of their condemnation in their lives, ie, their banishment to the outer darkness. The parable of the weeds teaches us that the judgment has been postponed so the sins of the elect...
  13. ttruscott

    Is God's Grace Available to All?

    It is not available to those who sin the unforgivable sin...
  14. ttruscott

    Is Obedience a Condition of Salvation?

    NO, salvation is the cause of obedience...
  15. ttruscott

    What is Faith?

    I think the two English definitions of belief, one as faith (the unproven hope of Heb 11:1 ) and the other as trust in proven things (ie, I believe the sun will rise tomorrow.) makes for an often deliberate confusion.
  16. ttruscott

    What is Faith?

    An excellent gift from GOD through an increase of faith. A word study of Heb 11:1 is also enlightening, especially the nuances of the word the KJV chose to render as evidence which is acceptable but a bit of English archaic in this instance. Biblehub and Strong's Concordance are very useful.
  17. ttruscott

    What was missing from God’s existence that caused him to create Creation?

    As a Trinitarian I cannot accept this. GOD is love and love without an object to love is meaningless, self love and narcissistic.. To be eternally loving there had to be an eternal object of love, at least one... Father has nothing to do with creation of the Son but with the attitude, pov and...
  18. ttruscott

    On the omniscience of God

    the pagans like to add: from eternity past to eternity future, a good bit of logic if you don't know GOD which the Church accepted even though it conflicts directly with HIS other attributes of lovinging, righteous justice. IF this definition of omniscience is true, all HE had to do to keep...
  19. ttruscott

    Tucker: Canada sending COVID positive travelers to 'internment' facilities

    Ding ding!! This line gets the prize for telling the story the most wrong!! Such twisting seldom seen before. ...and I am a Canadian who lotha the Liberals and Trudeau.
  20. ttruscott

    Are you a son of God? Is God your heavenly father?

    I have never said that the verse is a proof verse forcing any belief, just that it was a possible interpretation. When so many possibles exist, the probable can seem clearer. If Jeremiah 1:5 "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, can be discounted on face value, anything can be...