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  1. SUTG

    Why do people like Trump?

    I'm asking this to try and find what the typical Trump supporter is like. They're presented in the media as being blue-collar, country music loving, NASCAR and WWE viewing, Bible thumpin' people without advanced college degrees who live in the "flyover" states. Of course I know there are...
  2. SUTG

    Where is bob b today?

    I could really go for a nice "just so" story. :chuckle:
  3. SUTG

    One-on-One: The futility of atheism, Hilston and SUTG

    About a week ago, I challenged the users on TOL to deliver a Truthsmack displaying the futility of atheism as proclaimed by the TOL mission statement: There were several interesting responses but, like my career as a NFL linebacker, the thread quickly went nowhere. That is, until I received a PM...
  4. SUTG

    This place is dead without ThePhy and taoist...

    Did you guys figure oue relativity yet?
  5. SUTG

    What are your reasons for believing in god(s)?

    I am new here. Although I've done quite a bit of reading in the other threads, this is my first post. My reason for being here is to debate, or preferably discuss, the existence of gods. It would be nice to be challenged and informed. As you can see from my profile, I am an atheist. I have...